Haydel 225

Mister Nice Guy

Favorite Things

  • ​My Dog, Priscilla
  • Music
    • Mod Sun
    • ME!
    • Jeff Buck
  • Working 
  • Art - lots of crazy pictures
  • Drum circles
  • Friends and Family

In his own words:

Mr. Nice Guy is a 'movement' or a way of life that I developed with my friend, Josh several years ago.  We were tired of the drama and negativity of the RAP music world but we still loved our music.  Mr. Nice Guy was born from our desire to make a new kind of music.

If you want to find out who got busted, who got shot and who is beefing with who, look elsewhere.  I'm not interested.  

Albert Einstein once said that people should not try to be a success.  Rather, he suggested that we try to people of value.  

I'm taking that advice from a man who changed our world.  I hope you do, too.  Being of value will bring opportunities to pay bills.  

Being of Value